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A non-standard font in a machine-readable zone is not a reason to change your passport

A non-standard font in a machine-readable entry in a passport does not mean that the document is invalid. This was stated in an official letter from the FSB Border Service sent to the ranarod telegram channel.

“The FSB border authorities do not consider filling out its machine-readable zone in a font other than the established OCR-B font as a sign of unsuitability for further use of a foreign passport.” At the same time, if the information in the machine-readable zone (MRZ) does not correspond to the personal information on the first page of the international passport, the document is considered invalid, the agency reports. This may include incorrect first name, last name, gender and other personal data.

The passport may also be declared unusable in case of other violations of the MChZ algorithm. It can be assumed that the reference digits indicated in this line are meant.

Thus, the doubts of travel agents and tourists regarding the validity of foreign passports with a non-standard font in a machine-readable entry can be considered completely dispelled.

Let us recall that market participants had a reason to discuss the font and procedure for filling out the MChZ after a tourist’s passport was confiscated at Koltsovo airport: the document did not indicate gender. Looking through the passports of their clients, travel agents discovered that many foreign passports manufactured in 2023–2024 had an unusual font in the MChZ.

Some MFCs advised tourists to exchange their passports, while other institutions said that this was not necessary. The Sheremetyevo Border Service informed tourists that the font in the MChZ is not important.

Despite the encouraging responses from the departments, some subscribers of the telegram channel “Roof of TurDoma” still contacted the departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to replace foreigners, and they were met halfway.

There have not yet been any cases of refusal to fly abroad due to a non-standard font at the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Tourists are advised to carefully check their passport, including whether the information matches their personal data.

Source: Tourdom



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