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A passenger became ill on a Ural Airlines flight after a row over hand luggage

Ural Airlines did not want to let the passenger onto the plane because of her hand luggage. Representatives of the carrier demanded an additional payment for the suitcase, which “passed with effort into the calibrator,” tourists told the editors of TourDom.ru.

A woman with an adult daughter and two granddaughters was heading from Kaliningrad to Moscow on flight U-168 on the evening of February 21. They had two small cabin-size suitcases with them. The passengers successfully checked in at the airport, but problems began when boarding the plane.

“The flight was delayed by 30 minutes. In a hurry, everyone was sent on the plane and then a surprise, my mother was denied boarding with this very suitcase, saying that it did not fit the dimensions of hand luggage. Mom pushes the suitcase into their lattice, but three airport employees assure that it does not fit easily, but should fit easily. In response to our assurances and disputes, they threaten that everyone will fly, but my mother will remain at the airport with her suitcase,” the carrier’s clients complained.

It is noteworthy that they also flew to Khrabrovo using Ural Airlines and with the same luggage. However, there were no questions about hand luggage then.

As a result, tourists paid an additional 3,500 rubles for the suitcase. and went on board. Already on the plane, the woman’s health worsened. “My mother is 68 years old. She had a heart attack and had a stroke. As a result of this boorish attitude, with threats, my mother became ill. This was witnessed by the stewards of our flight, who were looking for validol and valerian, as my mother’s pulse rose to 167,” said the passenger’s daughter. She also added that she has photographic and video evidence of the incident and plans to sue the carrier. In addition, travelers independently measured the dimensions of their luggage to prove compliance with the airline’s requirements.

A representative of Ural Airlines, in response to a complaint on the Internet, advised customers to study the rules for carrying hand luggage. But at the same time he assured that an internal audit would still be carried out. However, a few days later, the injured party informed the editor that there was still no response from the company.

Let us note that over the past few months there have been more and more scandalous stories involving hand luggage and Ural Airlines. Moreover, passengers have the same complaints: the suitcase is placed in the calibrator with force and for this the carrier requires an additional payment. Similar incidents have already occurred in Moscow, Adler, and Kaliningrad, but the airline itself emphasizes that its representatives act in accordance with established rules.

Source: Tourdom



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