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A possible reason is excess transportation: Pobeda has canceled flights to Sochi from St. Petersburg

From March 30, Pobeda Airlines canceled flights from St. Petersburg to Sochi and Novosibirsk. This can be judged by the carrier’s schedule.

To obtain a refund for tickets, passengers are asked to contact the place where they were purchased. In the future, tickets for Pobeda flights to Tolmachevo airport with a transfer to Sheremetyevo, and to Adler with a connection to Vnukovo or Sheremetyevo are available for booking.

Tourists who had pre-booked seats on flights to Sochi are unhappy: “I bought tickets for May in January, yesterday I received a letter that the flight was cancelled. Without explanation, and the hotel has already been paid for.” According to them, a flight to Adler on other airlines will cost them 1.5–2 times more than Pobeda.

In all likelihood, passengers purchased tickets on a promotional basis. Now at the same price as the low-cost airline, at the end of March you can find seats on flights of other carriers. In particular, on March 29, the minimum cost of a flight from St. Petersburg to Sochi is 7.4 thousand rubles. This tariff is offered by Smartavia. A ticket for a Ural Airlines flight is available for 8.3 thousand, for a Pobeda plane – for 7.6 thousand.

A flight to Adler from March 21 to 28 by Aeroflot or Rossiya Airlines will cost 15 thousand rubles. round trip. At the end of April, you can fly to Sochi on Ural Airlines for 18 thousand rubles, or for 20 thousand on Smartavia.

The carrier does not specify the reason for canceling flight programs. “There was a forced change in the schedule. We do not have information about the reason,” airline representatives write in response to customer requests on social networks.

“The schedule adjustment may be due to the commercial inefficiency of the route due to an oversupply of supply,” suggested an expert in the field of air transportation, contacted by a Tourdom.ru correspondent. “And also with the redistribution of this transportation among other airlines of the Aeroflot group.” At the same time, the version with a surplus of “air” has not yet been confirmed. According to Pulkovo Airport, in February there were 15 flights on Fridays in the direction of Sochi, while 8 are planned for May.

Source: Tourdom



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