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A premium hotel in Antalya was not quite ready to receive tourists

The five-star Mövenpick Resort Antalya Tekirova, 18 km from Kemer, was supposed to open its doors after renovation back in May. However, the opening was postponed at least twice and the first Russian tourists arrived at the hotel only on June 5. And many regretted it.

“People are being accommodated in a room with construction dust, not completely cleaned, there is no water, air conditioning is partially not working, there are 6 cleaners for the entire hotel,” one of the tourists told TourDom.ru. And here is a more emotional comment from another vacationer: “Yesterday I cried at the reception. When we moved in, one air conditioner did not work, yesterday morning the second one failed… Yesterday we ourselves walked around the territory at night, looking for the main technician. For 50 bucks he fixed one air conditioner. The second one is completely broken…” There are complaints about the fact that they actually provided a room of a different category, as well as about the food. According to one of the tourists, she was offered crab sticks instead of red fish.

As a representative of one of the federal chains of travel agencies told TourDom.ru, when tourists check in, the waiting time increases – rooms after renovation are literally being prepared non-stop: “They are just swinging, cleaning up the hotel, but people are on vacation, money They paid a lot.”

Last season, and even earlier, there were no questions about Mövenpick Tekirova. In September, after rebranding (former name Royal Diwa Tekirova), it closed for renovation. All work was supposed to be completed by the summer, but, as practice has shown, they did not have time.

The hotel does not explain anything to tourists. “There are no complaints about the service personnel, they are like driven horses – they do everything they can. However, a question for the management: why did they start preparing the hotel the day before the opening?” – noted our travel agent interlocutor. The editors of TourDom.ru sent a request to the hotel asking for comment on the situation.

Let us add that a week-long tour to Mövenpick Resort Antalya Tekirova in early June for a family of four (two adults and two children) costs about 450 thousand rubles. At the same time, according to travel agents, many Russians were looking forward to the opening – the hotel rooms are really very stylish with design solutions. Another important advantage is that there is a good beach nearby.

Source: Tourdom



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