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A separate hall for organized tourists has opened at Phuket airport

A new lounge has been opened at Phuket Airport to serve organized groups of tourists flying from the island. It is located in the international terminal of the air harbor. One of the first flights from here was AZUR air, flight ZF 2992 to Blagoveshchensk. This is one of five carriers that will currently be serviced at the new premises. The Airports of Thailand corporation did not specify the names of the others.

Additional hall furnished on the first floor. There were 16 check-in counters installed there. All of them are marked with the letter J. There are also information and tax free counters located in the premises.

According to experts, this year the passenger traffic of the air harbor located at the resort in Thailand will be at least 18 million, shown in pre-pandemic 2019. Recently, news appeared in the Thai media about the design of a new international terminal for the local airport, which is precisely designed for this volume of tourists. However, not everyone believes that the authorities’ promises will be realized.

Earlier, TourDom.ru wrote that they decided to repair air conditioners at Phuket airport at the height of the hot season.

Source: Tourdom



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