The landscape of Gebas Ravine It doesn’t seem from this world. This enclave of Murcia center It transports us to another planet with its shapes, its colors and the contrast between the whitish slopes and a reservoir of a striking blue color. The best way to enjoy this magical landscape in the southeast of Spain is from its viewpoints and through its enabled trails.

This is the Gebas Ravine

Furrows, holes, canyons, gullies… The Barranco de Gebas unfolds in thousands of different shapes along 2,271 hectares between the municipalities of Alhama de Murcia and Librilla, next to the district that gives it its name. This subdesert landscape is wedged between three mountain ranges, Espuña, La Muela and El Cura, and the Fuente Librilla plateau. Furthermore, it is striking that next to a place as arid as this, there are lush forests like those of the Sierra Espuña Regional Park.

Town and Christ of Monteagudo.

The town of Murcia with a castle of Muslim origin crowned by a 14-meter-high Christ

Until about 1.5 million years ago, This place was completely covered by the sea, which explains its curious shapes and geological composition. As materials we will find mainly “yellowish, gray or bluish loams, with intercalations of gypsum and other soluble salts, and in the upper part there are limestone and sandstone“, they explain from the Alhama de Murcia City Council.

Gebas Ravine.
Gebas Ravine.

The whitish color of the ground contrasts greatly with the intense blue color of the Rambla de Algeciras reservoir. The limestone formations merge with the shore of the dam or emerge from the water like small islands. In short, it is a natural spectacle that is well worth visiting.

How to visit this Protected Landscape of Murcia

The best way to get to know this Protected Landscape up close is through its marked trails. For example, if we start from the Gebas Hermitage We can do an eight-kilometer route for the whole family, passing by several viewpoints and entering the beauty of the ravine. One of the most impressive points of the route is the Gebas Viewpointa natural watchtower from where we will enjoy stunning views.

Gebas Ravine.
Gebas Ravine.

We will also be surprised with Flora and fauna of the place, who has managed to make this his home despite the harsh conditions. Plants like garnacho, esparto grass, rosemary and thyme They have managed to adapt to the habitat, as have animals such as the ocellated lizard, the ladder snake, the fox, the rabbit, the hare and the gray heron.

Museum of Fine Arts of Murcia.

All the museums that can be visited for free in Murcia

How to get to the Gebas Ravine

He journey from the city of Murcia to Barranco de Gebas is approximately 45 minutes on the A-7. From Cartagena It is 1 hour via the RM-2.

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