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A taxi driver at the airport kicked a 60-year-old tourist who did not want to go

The return to Moscow was extremely unpleasant for one of the local residents. On June 5, a 60-year-old passenger arrived on a night flight to Vnukovo on schedule and without incident, but as soon as he left the terminal, local taxi drivers came to him.

According to source, several people immediately rushed to offer him their services. One of them acted too persistently and aggressively, trying to convince him to go with him, but he refused. Unable to handle objections, the driver began to insult the Muscovite.

The matter was not limited to verbal skirmish. It all ended with the tourist receiving several blows to the groin and stomach from an aggressive taxi driver. How the older passenger behaved and what he said in the period between the first insults and the beating is not specified. After the incident, the man filed a statement with the police.

Earlier, TourDom.ru wrote that insolent taxi drivers in Dubai are driving up prices for trips to the airport.

Source: Tourdom



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