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A “Tour for Fools” was launched in Bashkiria, but they saw plagiarism on social networks

Bashkiria Television reported that one of the tour operators launched a one-day program “Tour for Fools.” There is no explanation why it was called that. But the organizers on the website call it “author’s”, “unique”, designed specifically for girls, and describe in detail how the participants of the bachelorette party will spend their time.

So, they will ride horses, sit in a vat of warm water in the open air and go for a consultation with an astrologer, who will draw up natal charts for the girls. All this pleasure will cost 5,500 rubles.

The editors launched a survey in telegram channel “Roof of TurDom” and asked readers how they felt about the name of the program.

37% of the almost 1,400 people who voted in 2 hours would not want to participate in the “Tour for Fools”, for them it is offensive. Another 17% found the name funny and expressed a desire to join. And 13% of readers liked the program, although they would rename it.

But, as it turned out later, there is nothing innovative in the name of the bachelorette party. According to subscribers, for several years now “Tour for Fools” has been operating in the Ivanovo region and is carried out by other organizers.

Participants are offered “a two-day voyage in the vast expanses of Central Poland in the style of Russian pastoral.” And the program, judging by the reviews, is more interesting and rich: theatrical performances, dances, songs and feasts.

The next trip will be in mid-February. The girls will travel around Shuya, Palekh, Kholui, visit a museum and go on an excursion to a stitching workshop.

It is unknown how the organizers of the Ivanovo tour reacted to the idea of ​​their colleagues from Bashkiria. Unfortunately, we have not yet been able to reach them by phone. The comment will appear in this article as soon as we receive it.

Source: Tourdom



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