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A tourist abandoned a fighting dog at a train station before boarding a train.

One of the passengers decided to leave his dog at the railway station in Ufa before boarding the train. The animal turned out to be not a miniature one, but a real Staffordshire terrier. According to the saleswoman of the souvenir pavilion, the man simply approached her and asked: “Does anyone need a dog?” And after a negative answer, he simply handed her the leash and left.

The woman handed over her abandoned pet to the transport police. Law enforcement officers took the four-legged tourist, identified the owner and contacted his relatives so that they could take the pet. They managed to arrive at the station by midnight that day.

As the police managed to find out, the passenger boarded the Tyumen – Makhachkala train. He explained his action by fears that he would not be allowed into the carriage with the animal. Why he ended up at the station with a dog before the trip and whether he planned to take it initially, history is silent. But the man was sure that relatives would come to pick up the dog. Now the authorities are conducting an inspection, based on the results of which a proper legal assessment will be given and a procedural decision will be made.

Earlier, TourDom.ru wrote that the passenger who abandoned the carrier at Sheremetyevo returned for the cat after 9 days.

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