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A tourist from the bankrupt tour operator FTI is threatened with being taken hostage

The bankruptcy of FTI did not pass without a trace for its clients who were on vacation at that time. The problems were reported to the editors of TourDom.ru by tourist Alexander, who shortly before the closure of the tour operator purchased a tour from him with accommodation at Emelda Sun Club 5* in Antalya. As it turned out, the company did not pay for his hotel stay:

“They called me to the reception. They told me to pay for all the days I stayed at the hotel. To the question “What if now I don’t have the amount on hand to pay?” They replied that they would take my things and not let me go anywhere. That is, it turns out that I was kidnapped and they demand a ransom for me. I’ve already told my relatives where to look for me if I don’t get in touch soon,” said a tourist living in Germany.

Other German tourists also face difficulties. A video has gone viral on social networks in which FTI clients who came on vacation on previously purchased tours cannot check into a hotel. At the reception they are asked to pay for their accommodation themselves.

According to estimates, up to 67 thousand clients of the tour operator that has sunk into oblivion may now be abroad. Trips booked for June 4 and later are cancelled. Customers can try to get their money back through the German Tourism Safety Fund (DRSF).

Let us remember that FTI faced economic problems even during the pandemic. Government subsidies helped the company stay afloat. The tour operator received an assistance package of 595 million euros, and was also promised a loan of 180 million.

Earlier, TourDom.ru explained what the bankruptcy of FTI, which was one of the giants in the European market, would lead to.

Source: Tourdom



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