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A tourist sues a million rubles from a tour operator due to an injury at a resort.

A resident of Nizhnyaya Tura sued a tour operator for almost a million rubles. Themis estimated the spinal injury that the tourist received during her vacation in Sochi to be this amount.

According to materials affairs, a resident of Nizhny Turkmenistan purchased a week-long tour from a tour operator through an agency in 2020. It included the flight Ekaterinburg – Sochi – Ekaterinburg, hotel accommodation and insurance. The vacation went quite calmly, but 2 days before its end the woman got into an accident.

“At the exit from the Anatol hotel, a man on a hoverboard ran over her. As the victim explained, the 2.5 m high fence had no viewing areas, so she could not make sure there were no obstacles on the sidewalk,” the press service of the Sverdlovsk Regional Court said.

As a result of the incident, the tourist suffered a spinal injury. The vacation had to end early. The insurance company paid for the woman’s train travel to her place of residence and doctor’s escort.

It is worth noting that no criminal case was initiated due to the accident. Then the tourist filed a lawsuit against the travel agency and tour operator.

The essence of the claims was that the hotel area is surrounded by a 2.5 m high solid fence, and when the gate is opened, it completely blocks the sidewalk and also makes it impossible to inspect the road. The woman believed that due to this design of the fence she suffered, since she could not see the approaching hoverboard, and the culprit of the incident was the tour operator, who organized an “unsafe” tour to the hotel.

The judge found the arguments quite convincing: “No manifestations of imprudence or gross negligence were found in the actions of the plaintiff. The tour operator violated the safety requirements of the tourism product, since the tourist was not provided with the opportunity to correctly assess the situation when leaving the hotel premises.”

As a result, the court decided to recover 982 thousand rubles from the tour operator. These include treatment costs, the victim’s lost earnings for 5 months of rehabilitation, compensation for moral damages and a fine for refusing to voluntarily satisfy the consumer’s demands. The judge did not support the tourist’s claims against the travel agency.

Source: Tourdom



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