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A tourist wants to collect 400 thousand from a tour operator for construction on the beach

Sovetsky District Court Ivanovo accepted the claim from a local resident. The woman demands more than 400 thousand rubles. as compensation from the tour operator company: the amount includes the cost of the tour, penalties, fines and compensation for moral damages for the provision of services of inadequate quality.

The press service of the court explained that the woman noted the presence of a private beach as a prerequisite when choosing a hotel. Arriving at the place, she discovered: construction work was underway on the territory of the hotel and the beach, which the tour operator did not inform about when concluding the contract. As a result, the tourist felt that her rights had been violated.

The tour operator company refrained from commenting because a lawsuit is ongoing regarding the situation. According to the lawyer of the Alliance of Travel Agencies, Maria Chapikovskaya, the successful outcome of this case for the tourist depends on several conditions. For example, whether she used the hotel’s services or not. If the woman did not refuse immediately, then in court it will not be possible to justify a full refund. Whether she contacted the tour operator at the stage when the problem arose will also play a role. It will also be necessary to prove that it was impossible to use the beach or that construction work was deteriorating your vacation.

“If these conditions are met, then the chances of recovery are good. If all this is not there, she used the services, but at the same time demands a full refund, then, most likely, she will be refused,” concluded Maria Chapikovskaya.

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