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A tourist was not allowed into Russia for an hour due to suspicions of a typo in his passport

A tourist who arrived on an international flight to Vnukovo was held at the border for an hour due to suspicions that his passport might be invalidated under a new law regarding typos in documents. The man reported the incident to the editors of TourDom.ru:

“The border guard saw my patronymic “Fedorovich” in the international passport. He began to demand a Russian one to check if the letter E was there. I didn’t have any documents with me. They didn’t let me through for a whole hour, they asked for data, finding out what it actually says in my Russian passport.”

Finally, the border guard received an answer to his request. The identity card also contained the letter E. Only after that he was given the coveted stamp about crossing the border. While waiting, he was warned that if the letters in the two documents did not match, his passport would be confiscated.

“In the end, Zagran didn’t lose anything – only time. And most importantly, I flew out 5 days ago without any problems, and they let me out. And then you come back – and this! I advise everyone to check the spelling of the letters E and E and take an internal passport. If there was a transfer, you could miss the next flight because of this,” the man advises other tourists.

Similar cases at the border have become frequent after the entry into force of a new law dated December 11, 2023, which spells out the signs that a foreign passport is unsuitable. These include errors and typos in the owner’s personal data. True, in cases that became public earlier, tourists encountered problems when leaving the Russian Federation. Due to incorrect spelling of first name, last name, and place of birth, holidaymakers have had their holidays abroad more than once disrupted.

Earlier, TourDom.ru wrote that the child was removed from the flight to Dubai because of one letter in the “place of birth” column.

Source: Tourdom



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