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A travel agent who left tourists without rest asks his colleagues to chip in for a lawyer

The founder of the travel agency “Insta Tour” from Belgorod, Alexander Khalaimov, who left hundreds of clients without rest and money, turned to his colleagues asking for help. On social networks, he tried to explain the current situation and invited everyone who cared to donate to him for a lawyer. However, industry representatives reacted differently to this.

In his post, Alexander, as before, places the blame for the failed trips on his business partner. According to the travel agent, his friend Dmitry was involved in financial matters. However, he soon left the company, leaving a multi-million dollar cash gap. Now a criminal case has been opened against Khalaimov under the article “Fraud committed on an especially large scale.”

“I ask for your help to work with a lawyer. There are many of us, and if everyone helps 1-2 thousand rubles. (as much as possible, please), my situation can be saved and there will be a very important case for the entire tourism community,” the travel agent addresses his colleagues.

However, opinions about this request and what is happening in general in the tourist community are divided. Some industry representatives are ready to support Alexander, even financially. They believe that the story is really similar to the truth, a trusted person can “dump” a business partner at any moment, no one is immune from this. Others never tire of openly accusing Khalaimov of deceiving clients, giving big discounts to tourists and creating a financial pyramid. But there are also those who tried to understand the problem by asking the travel agent various questions. Most are interested in how the director of the company was able to overlook such a large debt. However, there was no clarification on this matter from the author of the post.

Meanwhile, Alexander continues his tourism activities now. He calls himself an “online travel agent,” assuring that the income received is used to pay off debt to clients. On the channel “Roof TourDom B2B” travel industry professionals, discussing this topic, were also divided in their opinions. Some noted that in this way Khalaimov might actually be able to settle accounts with the injured tourists. However, the survey showed that the majority considers it morally unacceptable to return to the tourism market without paying money to failed travelers.

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