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A Turkish hotelier assures that summer holidays at the resorts of this country will be beneficial for Russians

Holidays at Turkish resorts have increased in price due to inflation and increased hotel costs, but still remain profitable for foreign tourists, including Russian ones. This opinion was expressed in an interview with RIA Novosti by Osman Ayik, adviser to the mayor of Antalya and former head of the Turkish Hoteliers Federation.

According to him, in the summer of 2024 at the country’s resorts you can book not only expensive hotels, but also budget ones, “for a conventional $50 per day.” He advised tourists to “choose their options carefully” to stay within their planned budget.

Prices for contracts between Russian tour operators and hotels and host companies in Turkey are set in euros. Therefore, the fall of the Turkish lira has virtually no effect on tariffs for our market. It is also necessary to take into account the weakening of the ruble, because last year, during the early booking of tours, the euro exchange rate ranged from 74 to 85 rubles, and now it exceeds 98 rubles. According to tour operators, Turkish partners have reduced their prices for the high season – 2024 by about 10-15%. However, this reduction in price is not compensated by the fall of our national currency; tours in rubles are still more expensive.

Tourists interested in early booking prices have not yet noticed the reduction in prices. “5* hotels in Belek are equal in cost for the summer to a five-star Maldivian All inclusive”, “We were looking for a tour, a good hotel in Antalya – half a day in 14 days. Thank you, we’d better have a rest in Sochi,” they write in a discussion of the topic of holidays in Turkey in the tg channel “Roof of TurDoma”. However, many note that domestic resorts are not cheap either: “Have you looked at alternatives in Sochi? Türkiye still comes out cheaper.”

Previously, we wrote about the dynamics of tariffs for hotel rooms in Antalya based on the results of 2023.

Source: Tourdom



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