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A Turkish hotelier figuratively called tourism a cake that should be expensive

Director of the Calista Luxury Resort (Belek) Ali Kizildag called on his Turkish colleagues to use the “correct policy” to achieve an increase in revenue from each tourist coming on vacation.

His words are quoted by turizmguncel.com: “Turkey is still one of the destinations where European tour operators earn the most money, they cannot give it up. Our goal is to increase the number of tourist arrivals and the amount of spending per guest through the right policies. We must simultaneously increase the cake and its value. Just making a cake is not enough anymore. Nobody needs a cheap cake; its price needs to be increased.”

This figurative statement can be interpreted in two ways. We invited the participants of the TG channel for tourism professionals “Roof of TourDom B2B” to share their opinions: what did the Turkish hotelier mean – a call to increase the value of hotel offers by improving quality, or a hint of the need to raise prices?

Most of the participants in the discussion are inclined to believe that Ali Kyzyldag, as the director of a luxury hotel, insists that hoteliers more actively introduce additional services, i.e., create more added value. Then tourists will realize what they are paying a lot of money for. The trend towards higher prices for holidays in Turkey is obvious. As a result, Turkish resorts are increasingly being chosen by wealthy and more discerning traveling public, and their quality requirements are corresponding.

As for the fact that “a cake should not be cheap,” one of the commentators noted in the same figurative style: “Everything should be reasonable and in moderation. Otherwise, if you go too far with the price for the “cake,” tourists may go to the Maldives to eat “cake.” By the way, the head of Calista Luxury Resort also recognizes the increased competition between Turkey and other countries popular with tourists – the UAE, Thailand, Egypt. At the same time, he expressed confidence that Turkish resorts have every chance to achieve an increase in tourist flows from Europe by 25% this summer, and from Russia by 10–15%.

We previously wrote about the growing demand for comfortable air travel to Turkey; in the summer season, tour operators plan to offer discerning tourists more business class flights.

Source: Tourdom



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