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A water carrier crashed into an Emirates airliner before departure from Domodedovo

Emirates flight EK 134 was supposed to depart from Domodedovo to Dubai at 16:35, but the plane never took off. The flight was canceled due to an emergency – a truck crashed into a wide-body Airbus A380-800, reported subscriber to our telegram channel “Roof of TurDom”. As can be seen from the photographs, the collision damaged the skin of the world’s largest production aircraft. Although the problem is probably more serious. In any case, the Airbus cannot temporarily fly.

According to preliminary information, the driver of the special vehicle, who was supposed to fill the liner with water, lost control. Now he has been taken to the hospital in serious condition, and specialists are working on the spot, trying to determine the circumstances of the emergency and assess the extent of the damage. As the TG channel Mash reported, citing its own sources, 59-year-old Vladimir R., who was driving a water carrier, was paralyzed while driving due to a stroke.

None of the passengers on the plane were injured; they were not on board at the time of the collision. The incident in Domodedovo was taken under control by the Federal Air Transport Agency, and the Transport Prosecutor’s Office began an investigation.

Our subscribers were worried about the fate of the passengers. “We were left without a flight. At best they will fly away tomorrow. Between Dubai and Moscow the 380s fly completely full. We’ll have to fly another plane to Moscow over schedule,” suggested one of the readers of “Roof of TourDom.” But the forecast turned out to be wrong. The editors of TourDom.ru asked the Emirates representative office for clarification, and they clarified that passengers will depart for Dubai today at 23:30.

Source: Tourdom



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