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Aeroflot brought Russian tourists to Goa without luggage

Tourists who arrived yesterday on Aeroflot flight SU 632 from Yekaterinburg to Goa were left without luggage. It turned out that the things were simply not loaded onto the plane, the portal reports. E1.

As relatives of the passengers said, some people had not only summer clothes and sports equipment in their suitcases, but also baby food, as well as necessary medicines. Upon arrival, the Russians spent several more hours filling out applications at the Lost&Found counter and only then went to the hotels.

The airline promised to deliver luggage to travelers on the next flight, but the flight is scheduled only for Saturday. Thus, for several days, vacationers will have to be content with what they took in their hand luggage, or purchase the necessary items at the resort.

Aeroflot told reporters about the situation. The press service of the National Police explained that the suitcases of some passengers actually had to be left in Koltsovo. The reason for this decision is “a strong headwind along the route and a forced restriction on commercial loading of luggage.” As soon as the items arrive in India, they will be immediately sent to the addresses specified in the applications.

Source: Tourdom



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