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Aeroflot flight attendant wants 4 million rubles from the media for slander against him

Denis Fedoseev, an Aeroflot flight attendant, plans to sue two TV channels and two news portals, reports Baza. In October last year, the media published materials that spoke about his detention by police in Sheremetyevo. At the same time, the man allegedly had “obvious” signs of drug intoxication.

In particular, Regnum wrote about this with reference to some of its own sources. An insider told the portal that the special operation “Courier” took place at the airport. As part of the raid, operatives identified citizens who could transport narcotic substances. During the inspection, the attention of law enforcement officers was attracted by Denis Fedoseev, an Aeroflot flight attendant.

“He showed signs of drug intoxication. A report was drawn up against the man. Now the police are finding out at what stage the man could have taken illegal substances. Was it already on board or before departure,” leads Regnum source words.

However, this week the story continued. According to Denis Fedoseev himself, after the incident he underwent a medical examination. No traces of drugs were found on him. However, information discrediting his reputation was spread in the media.

As a result, the man consulted with Aeroflot lawyers and filed claims against REN TV, Tsargrad, Regnum and Izvestia. He wants 1 million rubles from each company. moral compensation and removal of incriminating information. Let us note that Denis Fedoseev is the son of Dmitry Fedoseev, a famous Russian sports functionary and director of the Yenisei football club.

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