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Aeroflot is going to transport tourists to Bali with an Airbus A350

Aeroflot is planning direct flights from Moscow to Indonesia to the popular tourist island of Bali (Denpasar Airport). This was reported by RIA Novosti with reference to Ivan Batanov, director of the network and revenue management department of Aeroflot PJSC.

They are planning to use an Airbus A350-900 on the route – perhaps the most comfortable wide-body aircraft in the national carrier’s fleet today. There were problems with their operation on international airlines due to Western sanctions. According to an Aeroflot representative, the difficulties have been resolved and now the A350 will fly more actively abroad. Until now, they have been used on domestic routes, for example to the Far East, and also on flights to India (Delhi).

The dates when the flight program to Indonesia will begin have not yet been announced. The national carrier needs to resolve the issue of refueling aircraft in Indonesia. As a trustworthy source told the TourDom.ru portal, there is progress in refueling agreements with the Indonesian authorities, and as soon as a final agreement is reached, flights will be announced.

Let us remind you that earlier Aeroflot had to adjust the flight program from Moscow to Mauritius. A direct route was announced, but in fact the planes made an intermediate landing, on the way there – in Dubai, and back – in the Seychelles. The Mauritius airport refused to provide jet fuel to the national carrier’s airliners for fear of falling under sanctions for servicing Russian aircraft. Therefore, refueling was required in other countries. Aeroflot even closed bookings of air tickets to Mauritius for dates after March 9, although flights were initially announced until May 12. 2 February seats on flights again went on sale, for now – for the period until the end of March. It appears that progress has been made in negotiations on refueling aircraft in Mauritius.

Source: Tourdom



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