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Aeroflot is thinking about cloning the Shuttle program to Kazan and Nizhny

The Shuttle program, which was launched by Aeroflot on the Moscow-St. Petersburg line from June 1, can be expanded to other routes. Aeroflot Group CEO Sergei Alexandrovsky announced this on the sidelines of SPIEF. He called the directions from the Russian capital to Kazan and Nizhny Novgorod potentially interesting.

The essence of the Shuttle project is that a passenger can exchange a purchased ticket for free for another time within plus or minus 12 hours from the original one. This gives you flexibility in choosing your flight during the day. In addition, registration ends not 40 minutes before the plane’s departure, but 30, and takes place at separate counters at the airport. Obviously, a prerequisite for applying the program is a high frequency of flights on the route. From Sheremetyevo and Vnukovo to St. Petersburg Pulkovo, 73 airliners of the Aeroflot group (Aeroflot itself and its subsidiary Rossiya airline) now depart daily. Red.). The intervals between flights are sometimes only 15 minutes.

The national carrier’s summer schedule includes 10 to 12 daily flights from Moscow to Kazan, which is 24% more than a year earlier. There are seven flights from the capital to Nizhny Novgorod (one from Aeroflot, the rest from Russia). It is not yet possible to talk about intervals of at least half an hour on these routes. Passengers need to keep in mind that the Shuttle fare involves an additional payment for the possibility of flexible choice of departure time – on the Moscow – St. Petersburg line, for example, it amounts to 500–600 rubles. Those who buy a ticket using the cheapest baggage-free Economy Light ticket do not enjoy the privileges of the Shuttle program.

In a post on the topic in the Roof of TourDom tg channel, we asked subscribers to suggest their options for destinations from Moscow to which Aeroflot should supply Shuttles. In the comments they name Sochi, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk. And some approached the question not without humor: “Let them do it in Varadero,” “Between the north and south of Moscow,” “To my dacha.”

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