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Aeroflot lost another lawsuit regarding the cancellation of cheap tickets to Thailand

Tourists from the city of Vereshchagino won a lawsuit against Aeroflot in the case of the cancellation of cheap tickets to Thailand. Information on the claim is posted in the file cabinet of the Dzerzhinsky District Court of Perm.

According to published materials, back in December last year, future plaintiffs contacted Rospotrebnadzor. They were among the carrier’s clients for whom Aeroflot canceled their ticket reservations on the Ekaterinburg – Phuket route. The chairs were sold at a very low price: from 6.5 to 20 thousand rubles. round trip. But a few days later, the airline cited an error and canceled them, and in return offered a 30% discount on future purchases.

Perm tourists decided, together with Rospotrebnadzor, to seek justice in court and filed a lawsuit against Aeroflot. In particular, the Federal Service demanded that the actions of the defendant, who unilaterally terminated the transportation contract, be declared illegal, that a new one be concluded on the same terms without additional payment, and that compensation for moral damage be collected in the amount of 20 thousand rubles. every passenger.

As a result, on January 30, the judge announced the decision: the plaintiffs’ demands were partially satisfied, but with immediate fulfillment of obligations. According to the telegram channel Aeroflot Returns Ekaterinburg – Phuket, tourists have already flown to Thailand using new tickets.

It should be noted that in mid-January the airline’s Ekaterinburg clients won Aeroflot is in court in a similar case. They were the first to start litigation with the carrier regarding tickets to Phuket.

Judging by the comments on social networks of passengers who found themselves in a similar situation, winning claims become a reason for them to file a claim themselves. Moreover, those tourists who, after cancellations, bought Aeroflot tickets to Phuket at a higher price, are also ready to contact Rospotrebnadzor. They are going to return the difference that resulted between the rates as a result of the cancellation of the first reservations by the carrier.

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