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Aeroflot no longer automatically includes insurance in the ticket price

Aeroflot has removed the automatic activation of additional insurance when issuing a ticket. However, there was no official statement from the airline.

Recently, passengers do not need to uncheck the “flight insurance” box so that the option is not taken into account in the final cost of the ticket. Although the client usually had to pay an additional 500–600 rubles for the policy.

In fact, Aeroflot simply followed the recommendations of the Consumer Rights Protection Service of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. Back in April last year, the Central Bank asked carriers will remove automatic passenger insurance, which by default is often added to the ticket price. According to experts, pre-installed “consent checkboxes” on websites create a negative background, as well as “risks that contribute to concluding an agreement without first studying it.”

It should be noted that at the state level the issue of banning the imposition of optional services on passengers began to be raised back in 2022. Then Rospotrebnadzor issued 82 warnings to carriers due to the automatic linking of the cost of insurance to the price of an air ticket. At the same time, the department even brought 12 cases to court, but this did not affect the work of airlines.

In turn, Aeroflot’s market colleagues are in no hurry to say goodbye to additional services that are enabled by default. For example, Pobeda adds insurance (from 449 rubles) and SMS info (99 rubles) to the ticket price; S7 – policy (595 rubles) and “online doctor” (179 rubles); “Ural Airlines” – insurance (350 rubles) and meals (399 rubles). Passengers have to remove additional options manually.

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