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Aeroflot or Sochi Airport: who is to blame for Anfisa Chekhova being late for the plane

Lawyers commented on Anfisa Chekhova’s late flight and answered the question whether the airline or Sochi airport was to blame.

The passenger must arrive at the boarding gate no later than the departure time indicated on the boarding pass. This is stated in paragraph 90 of the Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR). “At the same time, nowhere in the FAP or in the Air Code does it say that you can focus on a different time,” says lawyer Igor Kositsyn. “If the flight is delayed, the tourist is already guided by notifications and displays, but the passenger is responsible for his timely arrival at the gate.”

Therefore, Aeroflot cannot be blamed for closing the boarding gates too quickly – this point is not regulated anywhere. “The main thing is that the carrier did this no earlier than the time indicated on the ticket as the end of boarding.” Let us remind you that the airline boarded 180 passengers on the plane in just 4 minutes.

With regard to notification of the start of the boarding gate, paragraph 92 of the FAR obliges the airline to inform passengers about the place, start and end time of boarding. “Obviously, it is the non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of this obligation that the passenger can prove in this case,” says Maria Chapikovskaya, a lawyer for the Pink Elephant travel agency network. She noted that she had not seen such judicial practice in favor of the passenger.

For a person who is far from the gate, 20 minutes may not be enough to get there, but this does not relieve him of the responsibility to arrive at the gate on time. An important indicator may be the number of people missing their flight. Maria Chapikovskaya gave an example: “There were cases when several people at the same time did not have time to board due to incorrect announcement of information. As a result, the airline transferred them to the next flight.” But if one person or one company is late, then the question arises: how did everyone else make it in time? In this case, the delay will be interpreted by the court not in favor of the passenger.

“You need to understand what the responsibilities of a particular business lounge at Adler Airport are in terms of informing passengers,” says Igor Kositsyn. There is an agreement between the business lounge and the passenger, usually in the form of an offer, which is accepted upon payment. “Most likely, the responsibility for notification is not specified there, which means that in this situation it lies with the passenger himself. Anfisa Chekhova had to ensure her presence at the boarding, taking into account the flight delay and the remoteness of the business lounge.”

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