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Aeroflot ticket prices will become predictable

Representatives of the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) met with Aeroflot executives regarding the availability of flights for the population in the upcoming summer season. About it reports press service of the regulator.

The FAS stated that the dynamic pricing standards currently applied by domestic airlines are not sufficiently clear and predictable.

The negotiators discussed factors influencing tariffs, including the main cost items for carriers, as well as changes in market demand and supply.

The parties recognized that in order to increase the transparency of price determination, it is necessary to develop rules for setting the starting price.

The Antimonopoly Service promised to check the cost of servicing carriers at airports, as well as fuel prices. This will help optimize airlines’ core costs. The FAS also promised to set standards for airports regarding the amount of investment in the construction and reconstruction of terminals, since the air harbor includes these costs in service tariffs.

The national carrier came to the attention of the regulator in mid-May. The FAS believes that Aeroflot sets prices for domestic flights insufficiently predictably, they are too high.

On behalf of President Vladimir Putin, the FAS is monitoring and analyzing air ticket prices. The head of the department, Maxim Shaskolsky, said that letters were sent to airlines asking them to explain the rules for setting tariffs. The Antimonopoly Service has opened a case against S7 Airlines. The reason is that seats on a flight with the same set of services were sold at different prices.

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