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After April 1, the Federal Tax Service will learn about new international passports of Russians

From April 1, 2024, the Ministry of Internal Affairs will report information on the issuance and replacement of foreign passports to the tax authorities. This is provided for by amendments to the Tax Code introduced by the Government of the Russian Federation.

Now the document published on the Federal Portal of Draft Regulatory Legal Acts, and there is little doubt that it, as expected, will come into force on the first day of April. Changes will be made to Art. 85 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation.

Thus, one of the amendments gives the duty to the authorities that initially issue a foreign passport to report this to the Federal Tax Service at the citizen’s place of residence. In addition, the Ministry of Internal Affairs will be required to provide tax authorities with the following data:

– on the issuance of a passport in addition to the current one or a replacement;

– about changes in personal data contained in the newly issued passport;

– about the facts of a citizen filing an application to declare a foreign passport invalid.

Amendments to the Tax Code also establish the deadlines by which the tax office must receive information. If a new passport is issued – 5 days, if it is lost – 3 days.

The explanatory note to the document states that “obtaining information about foreign passports is necessary to automatically determine the tax and currency residence of individuals.”

Lawyers interviewed by the editors of TourDom.ru also say that innovations should not have a negative impact on the tourism business. “I don’t think this will seriously change anything, but it will be easier for the Federal Tax Service to track relocants and non-residents,” Georgy Mokhov, director of the legal agency Persona Grata, shared his opinion.

According to the specialist, the process of interdepartmental data exchange is already well established and all information that “gets into government agencies easily moves between them, depending on the goals.”

In their comments, some subscribers of the telegram channel “Roof of the TourDom” They called the initiative of the government and the Federal Tax Service understandable. “In foreign banks everything is open to foreigners. They will need the passport number for requests to foreign tax services,” Anton wrote. They objected to him that this is possible if we are talking about countries friendly to Russia and those with whom agreements on the exchange of financial information have not yet been suspended.

It is worth noting here that until recently, an employer could not at all withhold personal income tax from an employee who was working remotely while being outside of Russia. Now the situation has changed. From 2024, the income of remote employees working from abroad will be taxed at the general personal income tax rates: from 13 to 15%, if income for the year exceeds the established threshold of 5 million rubles.

Source: Tourdom



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