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Airbnb will remove listings for short-term rentals without a license in Turkey

International tourist rental service Airbnb has told property owners in Turkey that they need to obtain permission for short-term rentals – daily rentals for up to 100 days – or switch to long-term rentals. There is a special field on the website to confirm licenses. In specialized telegram channels they write that from May 1, 2024, Airbnb will remove advertisements for short-term rentals without a license, since they violate Turkish law.

This is due to the fact that in Turkey they are trying to streamline the daily rental market so that apartments do not compete with hotels. Last November, the relevant law published in the official newspaper of the republic Resmi Gazete. According to the document, landlords who want to rent apartments to tourists for 100 days or less must first obtain approval from the owners of the building, and then permission from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. It is no longer possible to sublet housing to third parties; in addition, a sign will need to be posted at the entrance that the property is offered to tourists.

Those who rent out housing without a license will be fined 100 thousand liras for each such object. If the license is not issued in the next 15 days, you will have to pay another 500 thousand. If the necessary documents do not appear in half a month, the fine will reach 1 million liras.

Airbnb has closed the possibility of using its service for Russians from April 2022. Then all reservations paid before March 4, 2022 were cancelled, but the victims were not given any money back – they were only given an unlimited bonus for the next booking, which was impossible to make.

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