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Airlines fine for overbooking: should it be allowed?

Since the beginning of the year, two airlines have already been fined for overbooking. In mid-January, S7 scored twice in a week, and today the court made a similar decision for Pobeda. The fines in all cases turned out to be not very large – 30 thousand rubles, and such a punishment could not but cause heated discussion.

In particular, subscribers to the telegram channel “Roof of TurDom” argued about why overbooking is needed at all. Readers close to the airline industry argue that this is in fact a very necessary procedure, which reduces the carrier’s costs, and therefore ticket prices.

“On average, there are 2-3 people on each flight, so it’s more profitable for the company to sell these seats and put others there. And if they show up, the passenger is put on another flight or given a 100% refund. Considering how many people are late, this procedure is very profitable and leads to a slight reduction in ticket prices,” explained one of the subscribers.

“With non-refundable tickets, there should be no overbooking. The airline got its money anyway. Why is it that in other areas selling one product twice is fraud and it is impossible not to return the payment to one of the two buyers, but it is possible for airlines?” – one of the readers was surprised in response.

Some of the subscribers even calculated how the abolition of overbooking would affect prices:

“Let there be 150 people on the plane and three overbooking tickets. These three tickets will not be sold, and the cost will be distributed to the rest of the passengers. Let one ticket cost 15 thousand, for three overbooking tickets it is 45 thousand. Divide this amount by 150 passengers, and it turns out 300 rubles. 300 rub. an addition to the ticket price, but there will be no overbooking.”

The idea of ​​legalizing overbooking is also being promoted at a higher level. The possibility of legalizing overbooking was discussed in the State Duma Committee on Transport and Construction.

Vice-President of the Russian Union of Travel Industry Dmitry Gorin, commenting on the situation with S7, said that airlines should provide compensation to passengers if they sold more tickets than there are on the plane.

At the same time, the airlines themselves also want to legalize this mechanism – for example, Aeroflot noted that this would be relevant for low-cost airlines, and Pobeda stated that legality would increase business efficiency, because up to 4% of their clients do not regularly come to flights. The head of the All-Russian Association of Passengers, Ilya Zotov, also said that over the past 2 years, Russian airlines have begun to use overbooking more often, since high load is important to them.

So far, attempts to make overbooking legal have not been successful. The Ministry of Transport developed a corresponding bill back in 2015, but then their initiative was withdrawn.

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