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Airports are asked not to prohibit entry into terminals without tickets due to inconvenience for tourists

Russian airports are asking not to prohibit people without tickets from entering their terminals. This restriction is planned to be introduced from September 1. It is opposed by an association that unites the country’s largest air ports in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi and Yekaterinburg. According to management companies, this measure will lead to a reduction in non-aviation revenues by at least a third. But it won’t save you from trouble – an attacker who has started something bad will not be stopped by the need to buy a ticket. Moreover, low-cost airlines have them quite affordable.

According to airports, security from innovations, on the contrary, will suffer, as the crowding of people at the entrance areas will increase. They already exist, and when the ban comes into effect, all mourners will hold long farewells to passengers right at the entrance to the airport. A crowd will also arise from those who do not know about the innovation.

Of course, in their appeal to the Ministry of Transport, airports are not relying on lost revenue from their budgets, but on the inconvenience that will arise for tourists. And this is also a fact. Companions will not be able to help carry bags to elderly passengers, women with children, people with disabilities, or unaccompanied children.

“I joke with them, their backs torn off because of their suitcases and even those with frostbite meeting their loved ones in the cold on the street. But how do the authors of these rules, for example, imagine a tourist receiving baggage whose bags did not arrive on his flight due to an airline error?” – Telegram channel subscribers are perplexed “Roof of the TourDom”.

So far, the position of the airports has not influenced the decision of the Ministry of Transport. They hope that the restrictions will only apply during the announcement of the third security level, and they call this measure temporary. However, the above regime, for example, has been in effect at the country’s largest airports in Moscow and St. Petersburg for more than a year.

TourDom.ru previously wrote that tourists are understanding about searches after security has been strengthened at Moscow airports.

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