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Almost all rooms with sea views in Zelenogradsk hotels have been sold out

If in mid-April booking services offer accommodation in about two hundred hotels in Zelenogradsk, then for the May holidays the choice is noticeably smaller – almost 2 times.

So, if in the coming dates a double suite with a beautiful view from the window in the Queen Louise 4* hotel will cost 9,000 rubles. per day for two (including breakfast), then in early May – 15,200 rubles. In the 3* boutique hotel “Paradox”, located near the popular Museum of Cats “Murarium”, the difference in cost of living is even more significant. In April, a Superior family room will cost 6,722 rubles, in May – 12,448 rubles. In both cases, meals are not provided.

It is more difficult with accommodation in hotels that are located on the first coastline or near it. For example, in the large 3* Sambia hotel for the May holidays, only double standards with a view of the courtyard or the city remained – for 4,500 rubles. per night for two with breakfast. At the same time, there are no rooms with sea views – neither standard, nor family, nor suites. A similar situation is in the fashionable 4* Kandinsky Hotel. In April, for example, you can find a double suite with sea view for RUB 18,424. These rooms are booked for the May holidays, however, for now there are Superior rooms with partial sea views. But they are not cheap – 15,131 rubles. per day without food. In the three-star “Apriori” there are only double standards available for 7,667 rubles. per day, but even then on separate dates; it will not be possible to stay for two or three days during the May holidays. And rooms with sea views are completely sold out. Exactly the same as in the other 3* Golden Mile hotel, located a stone’s throw from the promenade and the beach. Although the prices here are steep. For example, in April, a spacious premium suite with panoramic sea views will cost RUB 12,349 including breakfast. for two.

However, for those who don’t necessarily need to wake up to the sound of waves, there are options for the May holidays. Let’s say, in the historical hotel “Kurhaus Kranz” 3* in the center of Zelenogradsk you can stay in early May for 6572 rubles. per day for two without meals. It will cost about the same to stay in a three-star Renaissance. And in “Hercules” 3* you can find a cheaper option – for a small room with a view of the city they ask for 4,000 rubles. per day for two.

Let us add that Zelenogradsk is popular among vacationers not only because of the sea, beaches, healing air and hotels. “This is a “purring city”, it attracts tourists from all over Russia and from abroad. City of cats,” Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Chernyshenko told the president at a January meeting dedicated to the development of the Kaliningrad region. “Navy seals?” – Vladimir Putin clarified. “No, ordinary cats. They are full-fledged residents there,” Chernyshenko replied.

And indeed, in the former Krantz (as Zelenogradsk was called before the war) there is a huge number of cats, for which they have built an infrastructure no worse than for tourists – they have their own hotels, special traffic lights, and even a new exotic position has been introduced in the city administration – cat chef.

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