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An injured tourist was found in the mountains of Sochi, who went there wearing only flip-flops

In Sochi found a tourist who disappeared 3 days ago. On June 4, the 22-year-old called his girlfriend and said he was going for a walk along Alec Ridge. After that, he went to the mountains in flip-flops and with a dead phone.

The first 2 days of searching did not yield any results. 58 people and 9 pieces of equipment tried to find the young man. On June 7, EMERCOM employees decided to check the area from the air and involved a Ka-32 helicopter in the work.

During the next check of the territory of the Alek ridge, the missing tourist was found. According to preliminary information, he received traumatic brain injury, but was conscious. The guy is in an area surrounded by tall trees. The helicopter is now looking for a place to land to help him.

Earlier, TourDom.ru reported that lost tourists from Moscow were rescued on Elbrus.

Source: Tourdom



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