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An overweight passenger was kicked off a flight because he couldn’t buckle up.

A curious incident occurred on Tuesday morning on Pobeda Airlines flight DP 6532 Barnaul – Moscow. An overweight passenger was removed from the plane before departure because he initially could not buckle up and then did not want to.

By information publication “Katun 24”, the man had a ticket for a seat near the emergency exit, the flight attendants explained that he would not be able to use the seat belt extender in this place, and offered to change seats. However, the passenger resisted, began to swear, and the police had to be called on board. As a result, the plane took off without him.

The man will probably try to challenge this decision, but it is not a fact that he will succeed: the requirements of the aircraft commander are the law. However, people in uniform have already become interested in the incident. “The Moscow Prosecutor’s Office for Supervision of the Implementation of Laws on Air and Water Transport will check all the circumstances of the incident and evaluate the actions of the airline employees,” – commented in the department.

One might get the impression that Pobeda has a special relationship with passengers in Barnaul. Last year, by information According to local media, six people were removed from one of the flights at once, and one of those who did not fly was injured due to the fact that his hand luggage did not fit into the calibrator. As a result, the Altai Regional Court ordered the airline to pay a fine and compensation in the amount of 420 thousand rubles.

In January, we wrote about the adventures of a passenger with a cast on his leg who was flying from Moscow on a Pobeda flight. He was not put on the plane to Vnukovo – they say the plaster prevents him from climbing the stairs. However, the passenger was able to fly to Saratov from Sheremetyevo, where representatives of the carrier, the same Pobeda, had no complaints.

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