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And Narzan won’t help: tourists were stunned by summer prices in Kislovodsk sanatoriums

The day before, the mayor of Kislovodsk, Evgeny Moiseev, boasted of a record: for the first time in recent history, the city’s sanatoriums were already 85% booked until October in February. And more or less calmly, a ticket to a good health resort can only be purchased starting from mid-autumn. “More than 14 thousand beds are booked until the beginning of October. Every day, about 17 thousand people recover their health at the resort in sanatoriums and hotels. If we add the private sector, the number of guests will exceed 27 thousand,” – wrote Moiseev in his tg channel.

However, as a TourDom.ru correspondent was convinced, despite such hot demand, it is still possible to book a room for the summer in Kislovodsk. Although, for example, in the popular sanatoriums named after Georgiy Dimitrov and Krugozor, 3* places for the summer are already in short supply. But there is an opportunity to stay at the Ordzhonikidze sanatorium: a 10-day holiday with treatment in early July will cost 92 thousand rubles here. for two.

There are, of course, more expensive options. For example, in the sanatorium “Main Narzan Baths” 5*, the same 10 days at the beginning of July for two tourists will cost 363 thousand rubles, in “Plaza” 5* – 292 thousand rubles. A quick analysis suggests that prices have increased compared to last year, and quite significantly. So, the cost of a day in the Plaza in March 2023 was 12,600 rub. per person, this year – 19,200 rubles. In Krugozor a year ago – 5900 rubles, in March 2024 the same number – 7400 rubles.

Subscribers of our telegram channel “Roof of the TourDom” The tariffs for the coming summer have been a bit overwhelming. Here are some comments: “These prices make my stomach churn. And Narzan is unlikely to help for that kind of money”, “You will immediately recover from all diseases and look 20 years younger, but seriously, 363 thousand in Kislovodsk for 10 nights – well, this is really tough”, “Judging by the price of 5* Kislovodsk Narzan, air and a park are also included in the price and are very decent.”

However, other tourists do not agree about air and Narzan and note that the high price tag is not observed in all accommodation places; there is always a choice: “These are the prices in a 5* sanatorium with full board and treatment, and in Kislovodsk the prices are very, very different, narzans, air and park are generally free.”

Let us remember that in January we wrote that in anticipation of good summer demand, Sochi sanatoriums raised prices to 75%, while many introduced full prepayment. Apparently, in Kislovodsk they also think that everything will be fine in the summer and therefore they are not shy in terms of prices.

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