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Anna Podgornaya: “Publications about the debts of the owner of Pegasus are fake”

On February 15, Shot appeared in the tg channel fast that the owner of the Pegasus tour operator, Ramazan Akpinar, is allegedly wanted by Russian bailiffs because of a debt of 328 million rubles. According to the online publication, the owner of Pegasus owes this amount by court decision to his former business partner Imran Nazarov for “professional services” provided from 2010 to 2018. Until the money is paid, Ramazan Akpinar is prohibited from leaving Russia. The news was picked up by other media platforms.

However, Pegasus CEO Anna Podgornaya told the Krysha TurDoma telegram channel: “Not a single line in Shot’s publication about the owner of the company is true. Such fakes are deliberately spread ahead of the high tourist season.”

In the tourist community, information about Imran Nazarov’s claims against the owner of Pegasus did not cause a resonance. The conflict situation arose between businessmen a long time ago and is unlikely to affect the reputation and business position of Ramazan Akpinar. It is known that Imran Nazarov was the founder and owner of the travel company “Deep Tour”. The first reports of complaints against him from partners appeared in 2002, when the host company of the tour operator White Night Tours announced that Deep Tour owed $865,000. Then Imran Nazarov did not accept the accusations against him and argued: it is not he who owes it, but they owe it to him. Industry lawyers suggested that the Turkish DMC has no chance to sue its counterparty in Russia for its money.

After this scandal, Deep Tour existed for another 4 years and failed, the reason for which experts called an aggressive pricing policy on large volumes. According to some reports, Imran Nazarov then had a relationship with the Turkish tour operator Luktour, which left the market a few months later, causing a series of scandals due to the non-accommodation of tourists. Then he became one of the top managers of Tourset, a company that tried to organize the sale of tours through branches of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise Russian Post.

Apparently, in the period from 2007 to 2009, Imran Nazarov was “free floating”, and then a new round began in his career – cooperation with Pegasus Touristik.

Information about this appeared in the public domain for the first time in September 2009. Then Anna Podgornaya confirmed to a Tourdom.ru correspondent that Imran Nazarov is related to Pegasus. True, she clarified: “The issue of concluding an employment contract with him is still under consideration. It is also being decided what position he will occupy if an agreement is reached.” Soon, Imran Nazarov began introducing himself on social networks as the vice-president of Pegas Touristik, and later as the vice-chairman of Pegas Fly Airlines and the vice-chairman of Nordwind Airlines. At the same time, according to the source of TourDom.ru, Nazarov did not officially hold these posts during the entire period of cooperation. He himself was sure that over 8 years he had made a great contribution to the success of Ramazan Akpinar’s business. In a private conversation with the editor of Tourdom.ru, Imran Nazarov said that when he came to Pegasus, he did not apply for a position in a tour operator company, but began developing retail sales, for which a separate brand, Pegas Retail LLC, was registered. The first step was to develop an online tour booking module for the site, then we introduced online ticket purchasing and launched a franchising project. Already in 2011, the company became profitable. In 2016, after the opening of Turkey, Imran Nazarov switched to working with airlines and began to solve the problem of how to bring the aviation project to regular flights and increase the fleet. In 2017, the holding had about 30 aircraft, and the following year – 45.

In 2018, Imran Nazarov, being a figure privy to all aspects of Pegasus’ activities, posed a financial question to the owner – he wanted to receive his dividends from business growth. How he did this and what he demanded, history is silent. One of the insiders told our editors that Imran Nazarov demanded payment of about $7 million. Obviously, immediately after this, cooperation with him was terminated. Imran Nazarov switched to developing software for the travel market.

And at the beginning of 2020, he was arrested on suspicion of extorting $2.5 million from Ramazan Akpinar. It is possible that today’s publication in the media is an echo of a long-standing conflict.

Source: Tourdom



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