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Antalya Airport: which flights were delayed due to bad weather

In the center of Antalya, due to heavy rains, flooding began on the night of February 12-13. Transport links have been disrupted in some areas of the city. According to RBC, the airport temporarily suspended operations.

“There was incredibly heavy rain and wind at night, we were flooded like never before. There is water on the streets, it still doesn’t go away, cars are literally floating. Shops in the city center are flooded,” travel agent Maria Sheker, who lives in Antalya, told TourDom.ru. “By morning the wind has weakened, but the rain is still continuing, there is thunder and lightning, now it’s only 10 degrees.”

According to the online scoreboard, in the morning Antalya Airport continues to receive and depart flights, some of them are slightly delayed: the delay time does not exceed 2 hours. In particular, at 9 o’clock a Pegasus plane arrived from St. Petersburg, which was supposed to bring tourists at 07:35 am local time (the same as Moscow).

Other flights landed in Antalya almost on schedule or with minimal delay. For example, airliners from Turkish Airlines and Pegasus arrived from Vnukovo on time, as well as an IrAero flight from Sochi.

The Pegasus flight from Antalya to Leipzig was delayed by 2 hours. Other aircraft are leaving the airport as scheduled.

Flights to Russian cities are scheduled for a later time, so most likely they will depart without delay. At 11:30 am IrAero is expected to fly to Sochi, at 14:10 – S7 Airlines to Domodedovo. At 14:30 Pobeda Airlines will take its passengers to Vnukovo. The next flights to Sheremetyevo will take place at 17:55 and 18:10 – on the wings of Southwind and Aeroflot.

Source: Tourdom



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