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Apartments in Antalya are sold three times cheaper than in Moscow

The Turkish National Institute of Statistics Endeksa reported that over the year, real estate in the country has risen in price by a record 73% and now the average square meter of housing in the country is estimated at 24,124 Turkish liras, which is approximately equivalent to 72,324 rubles.

It is clear that residential real estate has increased in price more significantly in Istanbul, where the annual increase in price was 65%, and now a “square” there will cost the buyer 36,862 Turkish liras (110,514 rubles). The average cost of an apartment in the largest city in Turkey at the beginning of February was about 4,239,130 ​​liras, which in Russian rubles exceeds the amount of 12.7 million.

In second place in terms of growth in the cost of residential real estate is Antalya. Over the year, prices per average “square” in the Mediterranean region jumped by 59%, to 32,613 Turkish liras (97,775 rubles). At the same time, the average price of housing in one of the resort capitals of Turkey is slightly above 3.7 million liras – this is about 11 million rubles.

Antalya entered the top 3 regions with the highest rates of growth in residential property prices, together with the capital Ankara and the province of Muğla, which is located in the southwest of the country near the Aegean Sea.

But Istanbul was on the list of regions where investor interest is falling: in January, sales of residential real estate amounted to 13.4 thousand concluded transactions versus 23.7 thousand in December.

In January 2024, foreigners purchased 710 real estate properties in Istanbul, while in Antalya this figure was 747. However, how many Russian citizens bought apartments with or without sea views is not specified.

Telegram channel “Roof of the TourDom” compared real estate prices in Antalya and Moscow and found out that the cost per square meter in the Turkish resort city is about three times lower than in the Russian capital. According to CIAN, at the beginning of February the average price on the Moscow secondary market was 330 thousand rubles. per square meter, in the primary – 371 thousand.

It is clear that the Turkish statistical agency also operates with average indicators, which includes both apartments on the first line and those located far from the beaches put up for sale in Antalya.

It is not surprising that subscribers to our Telegram channel were generally skeptical about the prospects of purchasing housing in a popular Turkish resort, even despite the attractive prices compared to Moscow. One of the barriers to the desire to invest in real estate is the uncertainty of obtaining a residence permit in Turkey.

“Yeah, you’ll buy an apartment, and then the Turks will raise the threshold (residence permit – Ed.) again in a couple of years, and fly, Vasya, from here,” the subscriber reasonably noted Maksim.

Earlier, TourDom.ru reported that the minimum cost of an apartment, allowing the owner to apply for a residence permit in Turkey, rose to 18.5 million rubles, which is almost 7 million higher than the average cost of apartments in Antalya.

Source: Tourdom



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