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“Are you standing here in shorts?”: a man who looked like German Gref scolded taxi drivers

German Gref, or a man very similar to the head of Sberbank, gave taxi drivers a dressing down at the airport in Gorno-Altaisk. Judging by videowho appeared on telegram channels today, did not like the way those gathered placed the cars and their appearance.

“Are you standing here in shorts? Everyone has gathered. Who are you? There needs to be a separate place for taxi drivers. Get the car out of here, quickly!” – he said to the drivers standing in the parking lot and called them a gang. One of the taxi drivers agreed that, yes, a separate place was needed, but the indignant man did not let up. He pointed to the driver in sports shorts: “What is this? Look at him!” And then he sternly said to the other: “You won’t work here anymore!” He promised the same to the others: “Friends, if you gather here like this again, there will be no one here anymore.”

“Who are you? Introduce yourself,” the taxi driver in shorts finally asked. “I am the owner of this airport. And who are you? – with these words the man tried to grab the driver by the glasses. “What’s your last name?” “My last name is Gref.”

It is unknown when exactly this incident occurred and how it ended. However, in the public pages they write that the top manager was actually at the Gorno-Altaisk airport. German Gref himself said in April that Sberbank bought out its share in the property from AFK Sistema and became the sole owner. According to him, the airport’s capacity is planned to be increased by an order of magnitude – from 150 thousand passengers to 1.5 million: “We will actually build a new airport.”

In the comments to the video, opinions were divided. Some believe that everything said is true: taxi drivers should look and behave appropriately. “Well, at least someone pointed out the appearance to the service staff,” they write in the tg channel “Roof of TurDom.” But many commentators object – it was still not worth talking to people in a raised voice. At the time of publication, Sber’s press service did not respond to the appearance of the scandalous video.

Source: Tourdom



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