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At Moscow airports, many flights depart late

A large number of delays were recorded today at the airports of the Moscow air hub. According to the online board, many flights depart later than scheduled. Most deviations are minor, but some are serious.

In particular, the Aeroflot Airbus A330-300 is expected to depart from Sheremetyevo to Sanya (the Chinese island of Hainan) 4 hours later. Instead of 12:30 on schedule, the plane will take tourists to the resort only at 16:30.

However, other delays at the airport are minimal. AlMasria Universal Airlines flight UJ 612 to Sharm el-Sheikh was almost 2 hours late: the plane was able to depart at 04:14. The Southwind Airlines flight to Antalya was an hour behind schedule.

Ural Airlines passengers departed from Domodedovo 4 hours later than planned for Vladikavkaz. The airline made other delays. Flight U6 797 was 3 hours late with its departure to Dubai: it took off only at 12:40. Her clients flew to St. Petersburg with an hour delay.

Almost 2 hours later, Air Arabia and S7 airliners flying to Sharjah and Sochi were able to leave Domodedovo. Other flights – Emirates to Dubai, S7 to Sochi, Rossiya to the Northern capital – took passengers an hour later than scheduled.

There are slightly fewer disruptions at Vnukovo. The Azimuth board was able to fly to Tbilisi for more than 2 hours; Alrosa and Pobeda flights to Novosibirsk and Istanbul were also delayed.

A possible reason for deviations from the schedule is heavy snowfall, fog and gusty winds in Moscow. This weather forecast will continue until the end of the day.

Source: Tourdom



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