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AZUR air has aligned its flight schedule to Antalya from Kazan and Tyumen

At the end of last week, there were disruptions in the flight schedule of AZUR air to Antalya; passengers were forced to wait a long time for departure. Now, as a TourDom.ru correspondent found out, planes are departing according to schedule.

We would like to remind you that significant delays were recorded in Kazan and Tyumen. Flight ZF 1021 departed from the capital of Tatarstan to the Turkish resort 14 hours later. The reason was a technical malfunction of the aircraft, the situation was taken under control by the Republican Transport Prosecutor’s Office. However, no violations of the rights of tourists were found – the services were provided in accordance with Federal rules.

Problems in Tyumen became known yesterday. Night flight from Antalya ZF 3360 arrived almost 8 hours later – not at 02:20, but at 10:12 local time (the difference with Moscow is 2 hours). Accordingly, the plane to Turkey departed with approximately the same delay – at 12:28 instead of 04:20.

Currently, judging by the online airport boards, departures and arrivals are gradually becoming scheduled. For example, yesterday’s flight ZF 1019 from Kazan took off only 2 hours later – at 16:51 instead of 14:40.

Tonight the situation got better: ZF 1017 departed for Antalya at 02:35, i.e. approximately at the same time as indicated in the schedule. ZF 1021 is due to fly to Turkey at 23:05 today, there have been no reports of delays. From Tyumen, the next AZUR air flight to Antalya is scheduled to take place tomorrow at 04:20. There is no information that he will be detained.

At the beginning of June, we wrote about the continuous delays of flights of the Egyptian airline AlMasria. Due to a technical malfunction, the plane took off from Sharm el-Sheikh to Moscow 9 hours late; tourists had to spend the night at the airport. Later, there were disruptions in the flight schedule to Egyptian resorts from the Russian capital, as well as from Perm.

Source: Tourdom



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