Around the world there are multitudes of natural pools where you can take a bath and relax completely, although some of them stand out for the beauty of the environment or for their incredible healing properties. In Spain there are also many picturesque hot Springs They are a true paradise for bathers, and there are several that stand out above the others for their special characteristics.

There are many spas that are paid in Spain, but many others are completely free and are located in amazing locations, which makes immersing yourself in these pools an even more unforgettable experience. Furthermore, some of them are a true gem that will delight anyone who visits them.

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O Muiño da Veiga Hot Springs (Ourense)

O Muíño da Veiga Hot Springs.
O Muíño da Veiga Hot Springs.

On the outskirts of the city ​​of Ourense There are one of the most famous hot springs in all of Galicia, those of O Muiño da Veiga. Located on the banks of the Minho River, These waters are free to enter and their waters at around 40 °C contain numerous healing properties. Furthermore, they are located at the foot of an old mill, which makes taking a dip in one of its five pools even more special.

The largest thermal lake in Europe in Alhama de Aragón

Thermal lake in Alhama de Aragon, famous for its spas, Zaragoza, Spain
Thermal lake of Alhama de Aragon (Zaragoza).

The small town of Alhama de Aragón, less than 1,000 neighbors and located in the south of the province of Zaragoza, almost on the border with Teruel, it is home to the largest thermal lake in all of Europe. The Pallarés Hot Springs are a unique enclave on the continent thanks to its spectacular environment surrounded by mountains and huge trees. In addition, its waters (which do not exceed 34 °C) are a source of almost immediate relaxation.

Retired in a spa.

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Arnedillo Pools (La Rioja)

If what you are looking for is a spa beyond the artificial facilities, do not miss the opportunity to visit the Pozas de Arnedillo.  These are small natural pools on the banks of the Cidacos River with medicinal waters that reach temperatures of 52.5 degrees.  The best: they are free access and you can enjoy them while contemplating the beautiful landscape that surrounds them.
Arnedillo Pools

At the pace of Cidacos River In the municipality of Arnedillo you will find these thermal pools, very rich in minerals, whose waters are at more than 50 °C and they are free access. In addition, there is also a spa very close to enjoy a spa experience. Total relaxation in such a unique environment, in addition to enjoying other pleasures, such as gastronomy.

La Fontcalda (Tarragona)

The Fontcalda.
The Fontcalda.

In the heart of the Tarragona mountains, among the Crestall and Mola mountain ranges These thermal pools are located at 38 °C and are right next to the rocks. These waters nestled in a unique environment They are some of the most famous in all of Catalonia, and the best thing is that they are completely free to access all year round.

Alhama Spa in Granada

Alhama de Granada Spa
Alhama de Granada Spa

This spa hotel is one of the most unique of the entire Iberian Peninsula. Located on the banks of the Alhama River, this establishment has impressive Arab baths from the 12th century, in addition to having incorporated other more modern techniques and more current bathrooms so that guests have an impressive stay.

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