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Boarding for VIP passengers was announced at the last moment: Anfisa Chekhova was not allowed on the Aeroflot flight

Anfisa Chekhova was late for the Aeroflot flight from Sochi to Moscow. On February 4, the actress was getting ready to fly from Adler airport and was waiting to board in the business lounge. About the incident reported telegram channel “Krasnodar and the region”.

“The flight was delayed by 20 minutes,” said the actress. “We went to the gate as soon as the information about the start of boarding appeared on the board.” According to her, the VIP lounge in the Sochi airport terminal is located at the opposite end from the gate. The TV presenter did not go anywhere along the way and reached the boarding gate in 7 minutes. As a result, she and several other passengers were not allowed on the plane flying to Moscow.

The TV presenter hypothesized that the airline wanted to mitigate the flight delay by expediting boarding. They probably forgot to warn the VIP room staff about this, she suggested.

“The women who were walking with their usual gait were late, but the men who were running arrived on time. But the time from the moment the boarding is announced until its end must be calculated so that people can calmly catch it and not run,” Chekhova is indignant.

As a result, the late actress had to book a seat on another airline plane. She called the incident a lack of communication between the airport and Aeroflot, as well as a mess. In her opinion, VIP passengers are treated “negligently” at Adler airport.

Anfisa added that after publishing a post about the situation, she was contacted by several “affected” people who were late for their flights for the same reason. She posted angry comments from passengers on social networks who blamed Aeroflot and Adler Airport for their delays.

While waiting for the next plane, the presenter kept track of the time allocated for boarding other Aeroflot flights. Sometimes, according to her calculations, clients of the national carrier were given only 5 minutes to board.

The press service of the Airports of the South holding, which manages Adler Airport, promised the editors of TourDom.ru to comment on the situation later: “We are looking into the situation.”

Many subscribers of the telegram channel “Roof of TourDom” expressed their indignation at the situation: “A few minutes to board because they themselves delayed the flight!” But there are other opinions. “If the man made it in time, but the ladies from business class did not, then this suggests that it was possible to make it.” Some tourists advise, if waiting to board a delayed flight, to use the Aeroflot app just in case: “Push notifications always arrive on time, you won’t be late.”

Source: Tourdom



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