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Brazil, Hungary and the Philippines are waiting for direct flights from Russia

This year, during the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF), high-ranking representatives of several countries announced their desire to resume or expand air traffic with Russia. These include Brazil, Hungary, the Philippines and Venezuela.

Thus, the Brazilian Ambassador in Moscow Rodrigo de Lima Baena Soares said that South America is looking forward to the speedy launch of direct flights from Russia. The diplomat recalled that Russian citizens do not need visas to travel to Brazil, so this destination has great tourism potential. In addition, planes had previously flown from Moscow to the republic, but the programs were canceled back in 2011. “We would like to restore direct flights between the two countries. Moreover, we already had this many years ago,” summed up ambassador.

The Foreign Minister also raised the topic of resuming flights between Moscow and Budapest. Hungary Peter Szijjarto. According to him, flights will be launched as soon as Europe eases its sanctions against Russia. However, the question of when this will happen is still difficult to answer.

In addition, at SPIEF, representatives of the Philippines confirmed their intention to agree on flights between Moscow, St. Petersburg and Cebu. Provincial Governor Gwendolyn Garcia said on Monday that Aeroflot was interested in launching the programs. Now active negotiations are underway with the National Authority.

During the forum, air communication with Venezuela. Moscow and Caracas are working to expand the geography of flights between the countries. According to the Minister of Tourism of the Bolivarian Republic, Ali Padron, there are plans to launch flights to Margarita Island and Caracas from St. Petersburg and Kazan. It is likely that Aeroflot will also operate the route; the airline has already expressed preliminary consent.

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