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Cases in the passport interfered with a tourist’s plans to go to Egypt

The attentiveness of a travel agent can save a tourist from losing several hundred thousand rubles spent on a tour to Egypt. A routine check of clients’ international passports after the latest news about documents being confiscated at the border due to data inconsistencies revealed one alarming point. The place of birth of one vacationer indicates the name of the region in the genitive case “Sverdlovsk region.” The travel agent spoke about the suspicious find in a closed telegram channel for travel industry professionals, “TourDom Sources.”

Strange spelling. It was possible to find out where it came from quite quickly – in the person’s internal document, in the same column, there is a long phrase where the village of a specific district of the same region is recorded.

“In foreign passports, as a rule, the locality is indicated only if it is a regional center. In other cases, the region in which the citizen was born is written in the “Place of Birth” column,” explains lawyer Igor Kositsyn.

It seems that in this case, the employees, transferring data from an internal document to an international one, were a little hasty and cut off all the unnecessary things, forgetting to replace the case in the indication of the region.

“This situation refers to typographical errors, and in such cases the passport may be confiscated. Taking into account the current confusion on this topic, I would recommend contacting the border service of the airport from which you are planning to fly,” says the lawyer.

The local Ministry of Internal Affairs also recommended that the tourist replace his passport before the trip. “Departure in March. Without the FPR, the tour cannot be canceled. We hope that we will have time to replace the documents,” travel agents do not lose heart.

Earlier, TourDom.ru wrote that on December 11, a law came into force that spelled out signs indicating the unsuitability of a foreign passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation. The FSB asks travel agencies to warn tourists about the need to check their documents when applying for tours.

Source: Tourdom



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