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Chinese airline surprises with pre-pandemic prices for flights to Tokyo and Kuala Lumpur

At the end of April, you can unexpectedly cheaply fly from Moscow to Tokyo, and at the end of May – to Kuala Lumpur. In the first case, a round trip ticket will cost 43,735 rubles. along with luggage (departure to Japan – April 22, return – April 27). In the second, the price is even more affordable – 38,595 rubles. (luggage also included). True, you will have to stay in Malaysia for quite a long time, since the difference between departure and return is almost a month: May 11 there, June 9 back. However, there is an opportunity to explore the country well – Russian tourists can stay in Malaysia without a visa for up to 30 days. By the way, to visit Tokyo, Russians will need a Japanese visa, it is free, but if you turn to intermediaries for help, you will have to shell out 20–30 dollars.

The flight prices offered by China Eastern Airlines China Southern Airlines are completely atypical. Thus, a flight to Tokyo and back with one transfer in March will cost on average from 90 to 116 thousand rubles, a trip to Kuala Lumpur on the same dates will cost 60–80 thousand rubles. So those who are seriously planning to travel to Japan or Malaysia should pay attention to the special offer.

However, when planning this trip, it is necessary to keep in mind the peculiarities of Chinese transit – flights to Tokyo and Kuala Lumpur require transfers at the airports of Beijing, Shenzhen and Guangzhou. In particular, as we described in the online magazine, in China there is a 24-hour visa-free transit to a third country without the right to exit from the airport to the city. At the same time, Beijing provides 144-hour visa-free entry. But you need to remember that the less time you have between flights, the less likely you are to be allowed out to see the sights.

Tourists note another important feature: during transit, you need to pick up your luggage yourself upon arrival in China and then go through all the procedures again upon departure. Airports in Beijing, as well as Shanghai (PVG) and Guangzhou are mentioned as exceptions: the condition is a single ticket for direct international flights.

In addition, you need to be prepared for a thorough search – in China everything is quite strict with this. Power banks that do not indicate or have lost information about the rated power of the device, matches, lighters, strong-smelling liquids, and so on may be confiscated from transit passengers. The recommendation here is simple: before flying, carefully read the rules of a particular airline.

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