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Construction of a year-round resort near St. Petersburg increased in price by 35 billion in a month

The project for the construction of the year-round seaside resort “Gorsky” near St. Petersburg increased in price by 35 billion rubles in a month. These data follow from publications RIA Novosti, which talks about the amount of investment that will be used to create a mega-resort on the Gulf of Finland.

The agency reports that investments in the Gorsky sea resort in St. Petersburg will exceed 200 billion rubles. For this amount it is planned to build a tourist town on 178 hectares. According to RIA Novosti, the resort on the shores of the Baltic Sea will be able to receive up to 12 million tourists a year, while the hotels built according to the project will be able to simultaneously accommodate about 3 thousand guests.

At the same time, the cluster will help employ 22 thousand people. However, an error most likely crept into the above calculations. “Business Petersburg” with reference to the authorities of St. Petersburg leads another figure for the planned tourist flow – 1.3 million tourists. But even this raises questions, since the largest Russian resort, Sochi, received 8 million tourists last year. At the same time, the number of rooms in Sochi, as reported TASS in the administration is not three, but 93 thousand rooms.

In addition to hotels and coastal infrastructure, they are planning to open restaurants, a hotel with a conference center and an outdoor all-weather swimming pool of 29.9 thousand square meters in Gorsky, as well as a Sailing Academy and a marina for 400 sailing and motor yachts.

In January, the publication “Business Petersburg” reported that the cost of the project to create a resort was estimated at the end of 2023 at 70–90 billion, but the price increased to 165 billion rubles. Now the amount appears to be 35 billion more. “The total investment volume is more than 200 billion rubles,” states a message from RIA Novosti, which has new data on the project.

According to Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko, the creation of a resort near St. Petersburg is part of the large-scale project “Five Seas”. On January 23, the Tourism.RF Corporation entered into an agreement with the key investor of the project (he is not named in the publication. – Ed.). The master plan for Gorsky is expected to be completed in the second quarter. “In parallel, the project investor is preparing urban planning documentation,” the publication writes. The model of “Gorsky” is promised to be presented at the exhibition-forum “Russia” during the thematic week “Comfortable Petersburg”, which will be held from March 11 to 17.

As Governor of St. Petersburg Alexander Beglov noted today, the yacht marina in Gorsky will become the largest in Europe, and a tourist embankment will be built along the Neva Bay on the coast.

They plan to implement the project by 2030, but observers doubt that these plans are realistic. Firstly, it is unclear how much of the declared 200 billion will be invested by the state represented by the Tourism.RF corporation. It was assumed that funds from the national project “Tourism and Hospitality Industry” would be used to co-finance the construction of hotels and infrastructure facilities.

However, last fall it became known that the draft federal budget actually does not provide for expenditures for these purposes after 2024. “For a three-year period (2024–2026), the state program “Tourism Development” includes 52 billion rubles. Of these, 43 billion rubles. – for 2024. At the same time, we are working on the parameters for extending the national project “Tourism and Hospitality Industry,” Deputy Minister of Economic Development Dmitry Vakhrukov said at a meeting in the State Duma.

Secondly, the thematic cluster with an emphasis on yacht tourism is a rather narrow segment, which is unlikely to attract the millions of tourists reported in official sources.

The editors of TourDom.ru sent a request to the St. Petersburg mayor’s office regarding the reason for the increase in the cost of construction estimates.

Source: Tourdom



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