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Delivery safe and healthy: how to prepare your pet for the flight

Today it became known about another dog that died during an air flight. The pug was discovered when he no longer showed signs of life. The editors figured out how to prepare a pet for a flight so that an accident does not happen, and what breeds of dogs are best to travel in a car or by train.

The first thing an animal will need for a long journey is a carrier. It should be spacious enough for the dog to stand up to its full height and turn around inside. In the temporary house you need to lay out absorbent diapers, put a bowl of water and put your favorite toys. If the dog that needs to be transported is an inexperienced traveler, it is worth accustoming it to carrying in advance. If she feels calm inside, then the chances are higher that she will not have a heart attack or a nervous breakdown.

Very emotional or active animals may need medicinal support – sedative drops or tablets. The selection of anti-stress medications is a very individual thing, so before purchasing them it is better to consult with a veterinarian, who will prescribe the appropriate medication and explain how to take it.

Large dogs must travel in the hold on all flights. The airline can be reminded that an animal will be traveling on board 36 hours before departure so that the heating in the luggage compartment is turned on in advance. It would also be a good idea to remind you of this when boarding, so that the crew can check that everything is in order.

Small dogs and cats can be taken into the aircraft cabin. If the pet weighs less than 10 kg with the carrier, then it must be installed under the chair located in front of the owner. Some airlines, for example S7 or Aeroflot, allow medium-sized animals to be carried in seats. To do this, you must pay the full cost of the seat and check the weight of the tailed passenger – it should not exceed 23 kg.

It is better not to fly dogs and cats of brachiocephalic breeds on airplanes. These pets have a flattened muzzle, which makes it harder for them to breathe. The risks of a pug, bulldog, boxer or shih tzu getting hypothermic or having a heart attack during a flight are higher than for shepherds or poodles. The same goes for Persian, Scottish or British cats. If possible, it is better to transport animals of these breeds by train or car. If the only chance to get to the place is by plane, then you need to take your pet with you into the cabin – so you can look after it and provide assistance if necessary.

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