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Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Economy called “New Anapa” the second Cancun

Deputy Minister of Economic Development Dmitry Vakhrukov compared the future Krasnodar cluster “New Anapa” with the largest resort city in Mexico – Cancun. He stated this in podcast “negotiation”, talking about what prospects the cluster will open for the Russian economy and tourism.

According to Vakhrukov, about 15 thousand hotel rooms are ready to be built in Novaya Anapa – a competition for the architectural concept has already been held and a master plan is being developed. In the future, 3 million tourists a year, since New Anapa is conceived as a year-round seaside resort.

“This is Mexico, this is the second Cancun. If anyone knows what Cancun is. This is the most popular vacation spot for American and Mexican youth. But God bless them, we will do much better,” said the deputy minister.

However, the comparison can hardly be called correct. Obviously, Cancun has much more favorable climatic conditions. It also developed and is developing thanks to the influx of foreign tourists and investments, which the Russian market is now deprived of.

Head of the Center for Strategic Developments of the Union of Tourism and Hospitality Roman Yeremyan in his telegram channel answered Vakhrukov, comparing the air temperature graphs in Anapa and Cancun for the year. They show that in Cancun the air and water temperatures in Cancun remain at 25–30 °C every month, while in Anapa in autumn and winter these figures are expectedly low.


“As you can see, Cancun and Anapa are practically the same thing. Oh yes, to Cancun we must also add the sales market of the USA and Canada with a population of 390 million and an average per capita GDP of 70 thousand dollars per year compared to the Russian market of 146 million and 12.3 thousand per capita. There is an obvious similarity,” Yeremyan sneers.


Roman Yeremyan also wrote that in the competition assignment for the development of a master plan for the development of “New Anapa” there were indeed references to several analogues, including Cancun.

The New Anapa project was launched in 2023. Then Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko invited investors from the EAEU to participate – they were going to be attracted by a preferential interest rate on loans, as well as free land. It was assumed that the state would allocate money from the national project “Tourism and Hospitality Industry” for loan subsidies. But last fall it became known that the draft federal budget after 2024 actually does not provide for these expenses.

“For a three-year period (2024–2026), 52 billion rubles have been allocated in the state program “Tourism Development”. Of these, 43 billion rubles. – for 2024. At the same time, we are working on the parameters for extending the national project “Tourism and Hospitality Industry,” Dmitry Vakhrukov said at a meeting in the State Duma.

Thus, the question of whether the Russian resort will be able to surpass the Mexican one in the future remains open.

Source: Tourdom



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