A small group of houses with reddish roofs contrast with the green of the mountains of eastern Cantabria. He Tresviso town It stands next to the Picos de Europa with its traditional architecture, its quiet atmosphere and its historical essence.

The isolation of the town has played in its favor when it comes to keeping its customs alive. centuries-old gastronomy. In short, the villa is presented as a rural destination where you can let yourself be enveloped by the peace of nature, breathe clean air and rest from the hustle and bustle of the cities.

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A town of pure nature and difficult access

The origin of the town of Tresviso is uncertain, since there is no record of its first settlers; however, “There is evidence of its existence around the 10th century“, they point out from Turismo de Cantabria. What is clear is where its place name comes from, a Cantabrian derivation, “tres-visu”, from the Latin “trans visum”, that is, “behind the hill”.

This villa of the Liébana region, which borders Asturias, is located next to the eastern massif of the Picos de Europa. Specifically, it is located next to the riverbed Urdon River and the ravine with high limestone walls that water erosion has created. Likewise, the town is dominated by the presence of the Cantu la Jorcaúraa summit of 1,272 meters high.

Tresviso town.
Tresviso town.

Access to the town is complicated due to its geographical location. To get to him you have to enter from Asturiassince it does not have road access from Cantabria, due to the impossibility of building one due to the orography of the place.

A traditional cheese, hiking and patron saint festivities

The main economic activity of Tresviso is livestock, and from there comes one of its most deep-rooted traditions, which even dates back to the Modern Age. It is about the production of high quality cheeses, among which the Bejes-Tresviso Picón Cheese.

Of course, the town is also being consecrated as a rural tourism destination thanks above all to its great natural attractions. For example, a good way to explore its landscapes is by taking a hiking route like the climb from Urdón, a point in the La Hermida gorge with a hydroelectric plant. From here we will begin to ascend on foot, overcoming a gradient of 800 meters to Tresviso.

Tresviso picón cheese.
Picón Cheese from Tresviso.

In the town we can walk through its cobbled streets, delight ourselves with its exquisite gastronomic products, visit the parish church, built in 1904 on the old hermitage of San Pedro (18th century). Furthermore, a good date to fully immerse ourselves in the culture of the town is June 29, when it is celebrated the festival of El Ramu.

How to get to Tresviso

He car ride from the city of Santander To Tresviso is 2 hours and 14 minutes on the A-8. From Oviedo it is 2 hours and 20 minutes on the same highway.

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