This edition of the Eurocup is somewhat complicated since Spain has had a very tough group, but also very interesting, both at a sporting and tourist level. The first phase matches already promise, almost as much as the destinations to which it will take us follow our selection.


This will be the first stop and… will we return? In the German capital, just one day after the opening match (Germany-Scotland, to be held in Munich), Spain comes into play. That Saturday, at 6:00 p.m., the with Croatia at the Berlin Olympics, the same stadium in which the grand final could be played on July 14. So it is worth getting to know the city in case you have to return.

View of the Berlin Cathedral and the television tower.
View of the Berlin Cathedral and the television tower.

Berlin always has an extensive cultural and leisure offer and with the celebration of this sporting event the agenda grows even more. If you don’t know it, the first stop in the city will be the emblematic Brandenburg Gate, one of the few monuments that survived the war. From here it starts Unter den Linden, one of the main avenues from Berlin that takes us directly to the cathedral, another of the essential stops on any visit. This temple is easily recognizable by its green copper dome, which by the way is possible to climb and enjoy the views of the city. Inside, the white marble and yellow onyx altar and the Hohenzollern crypt.

Behind the cathedral is what they call Museum Island, where five declared museums stand out World Heritage by UNESCO. The most important, that of Pergamonis in full renovation, so it will remain closed for a few more years, but we have the rest to soak in art before continuing to think about football.

Veltins Arena in Gelsenkirchen.
Veltins Arena in Gelsenkirchen.


Five days later, on the 20th at 9 p.m., one of the most anticipated matches arrives, a Spain-Italy match. It will be in Gelsenkirchen, a small city located one hour from Düsseldorf airport. Gelsenkirchen is the most unknown city on this route through Germany following our team, although football fans will know that it is theto the city where Schalke 04 plays, a team in which Raúl González Blanco, legendary star of Real Madrid, played. The Veltins-Arena stadium is very modern and an icon of football in the area.

In the old mining town of Genselkirchen, football is experienced in a very intense and sporting way.

It is an old mining town that has been completely transformed and today what were coal mines are theme parks, so your stay here will be anything but boring. An essential is the old one walled castle Schloss Berge, in the Buer neighborhood, a very pleasant corner to stroll through its French-style gardens next to the Berger See lake. The best place to calm down your nerves before the game.

Zollverein complex at sunset.

Zollverein: the coal mine that has become an icon of culture in Germany

The MedienHafen area of ​​Düsseldorf is a must-see for architecture lovers.
The MedienHafen area of ​​Düsseldorf is a must-see for architecture lovers.


The last match of the group stage will take place in Düsseldorf. It will be on the 24th when Spain will face Albania and, although in principle this is the match that may be presented as the least interesting, the vibrant city of Düsseldorf will compensate for the safe trip. The capital of North Rhine-Westphalia was almost completely destroyed after the Second World War and since then it has not stopped working on its reconstruction, so today it is a modern and very attractive city.

Düsseldorf produces its own variety that identifies and distinguishes it from the rest of the German beers: the Altbier

Here it is possible to photograph a beautiful medieval building and three steps later a clear example of avant-garde architecture. The city center has it all: gastronomy, monuments, breweries and shopping for all types of tastes. To combat nerves, there is nothing better than a relaxed walk along the Rhine bank and for before or after the game the essential appointment is in the Bolkerstrasse, the liveliest street in the center and where beer reigns. Düsseldorf produces its own variety that identifies and distinguishes it from the rest of the German beers: the Altbier.

Depending on the results of these three matches, Spain may return to Berlin, move to Cologne or Frankfurt. We will know at the end of June.

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