The West Zurich It is one of the best examples we can find of how to revitalize a neighborhood and turn it into the most vibrant and alternative area of ​​the city in a very short time. Not long ago, in this District 5, known as Zurich West, In the largest city in Switzerland, people only went to work since some of the country’s largest factories were located here. Today you go shopping, eat in a good restaurant, visit an art gallery or study art. Totally different and more than attractive plans.

The west area of ​​Zurich has quickly become the most vibrant and alternative area of ​​the city

It all started in the year 2000 with the inauguration of Schiffbau. Ships were built in this enormous building and today it houses several theater halls, a jazz club and two restaurants with very different atmospheres. Was a big bet and it turned out well; So much so that the surrounding areas soon followed in their footsteps and the area began a process of transformation that still continues.

Roger Federer hiking near his home in Graubünden.

Federer’s refuge to rest: this is one of the most incredible areas of Switzerland

Schiffbau Building, former shipyard converted into a leisure center.
Schiffbau Building, former shipyard converted into a leisure center.

From yogurt to an art center

Where ships were made, plays are now enjoyed; In what was a yogurt factory, dramatic art is studied today, and the gigantic space that was a foundry factory It is now the closest thing to a pleasant town square where children play indoors while the adults enjoy a lunch (organic and bio, of course) in the terraces of its many establishments. An open space in which part of its industrial past is clearly seen.

Freddie Mercury statue in Montreux.

Freddy Mercury’s favorite and other charming towns on the shores of Lake Geneva

In Viaduckt, the coolest and most original shopping center in the city.
In Viaduckt, the coolest and most original shopping center in the city.

Everything is used

Even the train tracks and the viaduct that crosses the area. Those arches that have never caught anyone’s attention today are part of the “coolest” and most original shopping center in the city, In Viaduckt. Each of its 36 arches is occupied, whether by clothing stores, decoration stores, art galleries, design studios or cute restaurants. And yes, the trains continue to circulate as before, which adds that industrial and modern touch that you like so much.

Each of the viaduct’s 36 arches is occupied by shops, art galleries, design studios and restaurants

Next to it, another of the neighborhood’s jewels, the Markthalle market, in which its stalls are a mix of foreign and local products. In short, the place to treat yourself before continuing to explore the area.

Brown bear in the city of Bern.

The capital of Europe in whose historic center lives a family of brown bears

Freitag store container building.
Freitag store container building.

A classic

In this neighborhood you couldn’t miss a Freitag store, one of the best-known Swiss brands. They have about 300 stores spread all over the world, but this is not only the most important for them but also the most spectacular since it is built with containers, something that reflects its philosophy of recycling and reusing. His bags are made with truck trailer canvas, the only material its creators found when they set out to design a bag that would withstand the rains of the Swiss winters. You may like them or not, but you should know that first backpack still on display at the MoMA museum from New York.

The unique building that houses the Freitag bag and accessories store is an essential visit in this district

Next to this colorful tower hides one of the most charming places in Zurich West, Frau Gerolds Gartensome nice gardens surrounded by food trucks in which to enjoy both day and night.

View of Geneva and Lake Geneva.

Cheap and free plans in Geneva, the most expensive city in Europe

The Prime Tower.
The Prime Tower, another icon of Zurich West.

The lighthouse

Getting to this district is very easy. It is well connected and, in addition, the tallest building in the city (and the second in the country) is located here. Is about Prime Tower and is recognizable by its height and its green color. On the 35th floor there is a restaurant, Cloudsand, thanks to its views, it is a great plan.

The panoramic train with the best views in Switzerland: this is what it's like to travel on the Glacier Express

The panoramic train with the best views in Switzerland: this is what it’s like to travel on the Glacier Express

Sechseläuten Festival with the burning of the Böögg doll.
Sechseläuten Festival with the burning of the Böögg doll.

The best moment?

Do you want to go, but don’t know when? Although Zurich is always a good idea, at the end of April one of its big holidays is celebrated, the arrival of spring. Its about Sechseläuten Festival and the protagonist is Böögg, a kind of snowman that burns on the third Monday in April. Legend says that the less time it takes to burn, the hotter the summer will be. Will it happen this year?

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